Rental Assistance


Emergency Housing (Rental) Assistance (EHA)

To accommodate the needs of low-income tribal members who are temporarily displaced as a result of a catastrophe, fire or explosion to dwelling and expanded to help those without a home or refuge - homeless. Consists of financial assistance with initial (1st) month's rent of security deposit to access other low-income housing within the five county areas. Also, for those who have elected to move from the Rosebud Reservation in order to accept gainful employment or to further their education through a recognized educational institution or program. All requests to be evaluated in accordance with available limited yearly funding and is offered on a one-time basis.

Please do not use email to submit these forms, as these forms contain personal information and standard email is not considered a secure form of communications.

Once you've completed these forms, you may fax your application to: Fax: 605-747-2966